Moving to Rättvik

Utsikt från Vidablick över Siljan, sjön ligger stilla, det är blå himmel med några få moln. På marken syns hus och grön skog.

View from Vidablick. Photo: © 2019 Carl-Johan Uhlin

A unique style of living in the heart of Sweden. Are you looking for the perfect lifestyle? Do you crave for a perfect environment and room to live? Then look no further. Here in Dalecarlia, in the heart of Sweden, you will find the environment that often represents “genuine Sweden”.

In Rättvik you have the opportunity to live in an attractive and pleasant environment which combines cultural heritage, popular traditions, spectacular nature, modern arts and music, entrepreneurship and forward thinking.

Rättvik, Lake Siljan and the surroundings, is one of Sweden’s most popular travel destinations. Many people visit. They take part in the folk music festival, dances or other events Rättvik is renowned for; such as Classic Car Week or the open air markets (Rättviks marknad) celebrated at the beginning of spring and autumn.

A great number of people come to attend the concerts at the unique arena of “Dalhalla”. Despite its dusty beginnings as a disused lime stone quarry, it has become famous for concert, opera and pop performances and the ambiance and sound quality of the setting.

Other attractions are available. For example, some visitors prefer to enjoy nature, the “seven mile forests”, the lakes containing pristine water and the unlimited opportunities for recreation offered in this environment. You can walk, trek, jog, fish, hunt, skate, ski or just let yourself be seduced by the beauty and peacefulness of nature. The area around the lake is beautifully landscaped by the action of the last ice age and offers breathtaking views from the forty kilometres of view-points around the lake shore.

As an inhabitant you will enjoy all this the whole year around.

The town of Rättvik offers the intimacy of a small town and proximity to an alpine ski centre. Furthermore, there are elegant restaurants, as well as pizzerias, coffee shops and opportunities to go shopping, visit the cinema or attend a concert.

The railway station at Rättvik will connect you with Stockholm in 3,5 hours. Other fascinating regional towns and cities in less then an hour.

The municipality of Rättvik consists of fifty small villages, each one with its own particular profile developed over hundreds of years. The villages are surrounded by deep forest with Sweden’s most “southly” located wild life. Bears, wolves, lynxes and of course, elk can be seen in the forest, which together with the traditionally cultivated areas of farmland, symbolise the national Swedish cultural heritage.

Small, creative enterprises and well developed communications and community services represent modern Sweden. In Rättvik, we offer a good quality of life to our inhabitants. We also offer a great deal of choice and independence, people can choose to live in the countryside or in the centre of town.

Local schools in Rättvik are open, as compared with other local authorities’ tendency to centralise all kinds of services. We are proud of our focus on a sense of community and maintenance of services.

The municipality has 11 000 inhabitants. The surface is wide, with 1 932 square kilometres. This means there are not more then 5,63 inhabitants per square kilometre.

We will have a lot of space for you and your families.

Welcome to Rättvik!


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