Rättviks kommun
Rättviks kommun

ICE - In Case of Emergency

‘ICE’ is an important phone number that you should put into your mobile phone

Ambulance staff, emergency teams and police officers will be able to use the ICE details on your phone to get in touch with close relatives if it is not possible to speak to you.

‘ICE’ works throughout the world

Tell your family, relatives and friends about it.
It’s important that as many people as possible know about ICE and put their number/s into their phone.

How to put an ICE number into your phone

  1. Add a new contact to your address book
  2. Enter ‘ICE1’, followed by your relationship with the person, e.g. wife, that person’s name, +46 and then the phone number without the first zero
  3. Save the new contact

To add more contacts, enter ‘ICE2’ and continue as at point 2 above.

Remember to use the international code +46 for Swedish contacts and enter your information in English so that ICE works when you are abroad too.

Make sure your ICE contacts are aware of their role.