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Finances and social welfare

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Under chapter 4, section 1 of the Social Services Act, anyone unable to meet their own needs or have them met in some other way has the right to get help both to support themselves and to support their way of life in general.

Provisions on entitlement

The provisions on entitlement are there to guarantee individuals the support they need if neither they nor anyone else is able to provide that support themselves.
They set out the individual’s responsibility to manage their own life but also make it clear that in certain cases society will step in and provide support if the individual is unable to do so.

Support for someone’s way of life

‘Support for someone’s way of life’ covers many different needs for help and support, services, treatment, health and social care.
If you need help to support yourself, get in touch with one of our social workers. You can write to us, or ring Rättvik municipality’s switchboard – 0248-70 000 – or Social Services reception – 0248-70 220 – and ask to speak to a social worker. The best time to make a call is during their telephone hours, 8.30 am–9.30 am.

The help we can give does not always need to be financial. You can talk to us about other problems too.

Professional secrecy and confidentiality

All social services employees are bound by professional secrecy.
This means that we must not give any unauthorised person information about your personal circumstances.
All documents remain confidential and will be stored in such a way that no unauthorised person has access to them.

Our work is founded in respect for personal integrity and the individual’s right to self-determination.
Social welfare assistance will guarantee an individual a reasonable standard of living.
The municipality has ultimate responsibility for ensuring that its residents get the help and support they need.

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