Rättviks kommun
Rättviks kommun

Special needs and extra support

Schools have a responsibility to ensure that children with special needs have the benefit of a good, effective education.

This applies where a child has an illness, disability or other needs.
Information for guardians is given below.
Every school in the municipality has a pupil welfare team to provide support to pupils where needed.

The team includes the head teacher, special needs teachers, the school nurse and sometimes a welfare officer.
In years 7–9 (ages 13–16) and at upper secondary school, the team also includes study advisors and careers advisors.

There is also a central Pupil Health Service in the municipality.
The Service focuses on the individual and mainly works on tracking and investigating children and pupils, allocating resources and proposing action.

Contact details

Head of School Health Service
Britt-Marie Kullerback
0248-70 371

Katrin Påhlman
0248-70 245

Speech Therapist
Gertrud Edquist
0248-70 538

Special Needs Teachers
Anette Ingels
0248-70 285

Nathalie Fyhr
0248-70 331

Occupational Therapist
Jeanette Björklund
0248-70 577

Welfare Officers
Christina Nilsson-Padilla 
0248-70 262

Mia Lehnberg
0248-70 422

Birgitta Rydell
0248-70 539

School Nurses
Stina Vikman
0248-70 416

Madeleine Yngvesson
0248-70 572

Nina Sjöö
0248-70 260