Rättviks kommun
Rättviks kommun

Families, children and young people

The role of Social Services is to ensure children and young people are able to grow up in a positive environment.


Much of IFO’s work involves investigation and actions on behalf of individual children and young people, but it also includes work of a more preventive nature.

Parents, children and young people sometimes have problems that they are unable to resolve themselves.
They can approach IFO direct to find out about help that is available to them.
For example, you might get help to apply to us for assistance or contact us for an advice and guidance session.

IFO = Individual and Family Social Care

Contact details

Social Services contact line (Socialtjänsten)

0248-70 220

Outside office hours, call emergency social services on

Visiting address
Golfvägen 1 A
795 33 Rättvik

Postal address
Rättviks kommun
Social services
795 80 Rättvik