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It’s difficult for children when parents go their separate ways

So it is important that a couple with children do their best to work together, and this is something the family law section at Social Services can help with.
You can contact the section via Social Services reception.

The family law section handles issues relating to custody, accommodation and contact.
Where a couple is divorcing or separating, Social Services offers advice and support and also cooperation discussions.

Cooperation discussions are a form of support aimed at parents who have divorced or separated and are in dispute over their children.
Discussions can be proposed by the District Court or by the parents themselves.

If the parents are unable to agree on custody, accommodation or contact, they can apply to the District Court who will commission a report from Social Services.
Reports are usually prepared by a social worker in the family law section.

Family counselling

Couples divorcing or separating can also get help from the family counselling service.
Family counselling is free of charge and you can use the service anonymously.
The service is located in Leksand and is run jointly by the municipalities of Leksand, Rättvik, Gagnef and Vansbro.

Separate worlds

A divorce is often painful for all concerned, and children can easily end up caught between their parents’ wants and needs.
It is often easier for children to talk to someone outside the family, and so Rättvik Social Services provides support groups for children and young people whose parents have separated.
The groups are free of charge and are aimed at children and young people up to the age of 18.
The groups are led by two family therapists.

The aim of the group activity is to boost the self-belief of children and young people so that they find it easier to express their own needs.
It is also important for them to know that they are not alone, and the group provides them with an opportunity to meet others in similar situations.

For more information, please contact the family therapists via Social Services’ reception on 0248-70220.

Tingsrättenöppnas i nytt fönster – If you wish to get divorced.

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