Rättviks kommun
Rättviks kommun

A healthier Rättvik

A good life for all.

A good life for all.

Our work seeks to strengthen the sense of community amongst the residents of Rättvik municipality.
We aim to ensure everyone is better informed about activities that can help make life healthier and more enjoyable.

We want to help people discover the pleasures of life and become aware of what our bodies need to feel good.

A good life for all.

Our work covers four important areas

  • Meaningful employment.
  • Community and meeting places.
  • Safety and security.
  • Healthy habits
    – Sensible eating.
    – Exercise as part of day-to-day life
    – Sleep

It’s never too late to start exercising!

Research has shown that everyone, even the oldest amongst us, can increase their muscle strength through weight-training.
Physical activity is essential for our bones.
It also has benefits for fitness, muscle strength and coordination, reducing the risk of fractures in the event of an accident.

Exercise should be weight-bearing – so you should shift your weight with every step.
Weight-bearing activities include tai chi, dancing and walking up and down stairs.
Going for a walk does not have much effect on bone mass so it can be a good idea to combine it with other activities.

Balance exercises are very important for reducing the risk of falls.
To balance properly, we need several things to work together: the balance organs in the ear, sensations in the skin, and muscle and joint function.
These are all helped by physical activity.

Tage Danielsson

“Your body feels good if you move – it gets you into the groove.”

Working together for better health and
a better quality of life.